North Valley Janitorial

Comprehensive Business Cleaning Solutions

Advanced Disinfectant Application
Office Cleaning
Floor Maintenance
Window Washing
Waist Disposal
Bathroom Sanitation
Carpet Cleaning
Emergency Cleaning
Flood Removal
Move-out Cleaning
Green Cleaning
Aromatic Enhanced Green Cleaning
Emergency Cleanup & Waist Removal

Time for a change?

Are you suffering with your current janitorial service provider with low quality results?  Perhaps you have detected inconsistent work ethics in your company’s ongoing sanitary maintenance effort.  Or is it a challenge to effectively communicate with supervisors or owners of your janitorial provider?

If any of these issues are troubling your company then you have every reason to switch to North Valley Janitorial for your ongoing business cleaning needs.  In no time you will forget problems with your previous provider as we become a transparent aspect of your daily operations.  Our staff is qualified and proven in modern state-of-the-art cleaning techniques for all business situations and under continuous supervision by management.

Customized & Flexible Professional Business Cleaning

During business hours a supervisor is always available to address your needs as your business grows and changes.  It is our purpose to help you along the way and be the dependable service provider that you count on for decades.  We also provide clients an expanded hour emergency number should they experience unforeseen problems and need to call a trusted provider for immediate dispatch.

North Valley understands that your business requires a reliable commercial cleaning contractor to maintain the appearance of your business locations and help protect the impression and image your company exudes.  Our flexibility in scheduling and the comprehensiveness of the scope of cleaning services we provide give us an advantage partnering with our clients in this campaign.  We take pride in the success of our clients and are always willing to make the extra effort to be the best choice for commercial cleaning and sanitary maintenance.