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San Fernando Valley Green Business Cleaning

Did you know that some essential oils are antibacterial?  Most people don’t, but North Valley Janitorial has developed an expertise on natural essential oils and natural cleaning agents that are free of chemicals and toxins.  Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint for example have antibacterial properties as well as Eucalyptus and Lavender.  We also use nonessential-oil natural cleaning elements, but the incorporation of essential oils has more benefits than simply killing bacteria and the elimination of unnatural chemicals.

Aroma Therapy??

Essential oils have positive mood benefits such as enhanced energy and productivity in the work place.  Greater focus and increased concentration are other measurable benefits to certain essential oils.  Studies have proven repeatedly the physical and mental positive results from essential oil aroma therapy.  North Valley Janitorial will work directly with you to establish customized natural cleaning solutions that are also consistent with your objectives managing your employees and interfacing with your clients.

Sound extreme?  That’s because it is extreme, but in this competitive business environment North Valley Janitorial works to provide our clients various distinct advantages in their daily operations.  Lavender is an essential oil known to have a relaxing effect when experienced aromatically.  Do you want to help  your clients and prospects while visiting your office to have a more relaxing and trusting experience?  We can help by incorporating specific essential oils into your companies daily and semiweekly cleaning campaign.

Many business are switching to green cleaning solutions as part of their overall initiative to “GO GREEN.”  As renewable energy sources bring a premium particularly from the high tech industry, so do green business cleaning and sanitary maintenance services.  At an added cost and to our expenses North Valley Janitorial maintains separate cleaning tools for our green cleaning business clients.  (Separate mops and buckets as well as rags and other tools of the trade)  If your company has made the decision to go green then North Valley Janitorial is the natural choice for your customized business green cleaning solutions.

Call today to schedule a no-obligation free consultation and learn how North Valley Janitorial’s green cleaning solutions can actually enhance your business in ways beyond the normal benefits of environmentally friendly and health conscience green cleaning.